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web developers

Web Developers:   Web development begins at the conception of the future web site. Typically, web sites are for one or more of the following purposes.

Web developers will identify an individuals needs and then can begin the often lengthy process of developing a website. Let us take a closer look at the above website types.

This type of website is used for an individual to achieve a web presence for a number of reasons. Possibly the most popular reason to have a personal website is for self expression. They generally contain content regarding likes and dislikes, an individuals tastes and a few hyper links to other web resources they may find interesting.

Another popular reason for a personal website is for an individuals C.V. or résumé. Many of us who work on a contract basis need to be available 24 hours a day. An online version is often a very convenient way of delivering yourself.

The rest of the personal homepages fall in a category that I choose to call "hobby sites". These sites generally have a theme subject and are generally built by budding web developers.


Web developers dream of this kind of client. A commercial presence website need not jam advertising et cetera down ones throat. These websites will generally show the structure of the company and its employees, offer some detail about their products and services and display the many means of contacting them. 

These websites will differ greatly from site to site as web developers are able to show off a little with their wonderful creations. The sites are generally simple to navigate and have little content outside their own services.

The importance of a commercial presence on the other hand cannot be over stressed. Web developers all agree that with the exponential growth of the internet, more and more people search for goods and services online. An attractive website can be just the formula to bring in new customers.


file storage is a strangely popular type of website. The sole purpose for the existence of these sites is for accessing databases and saving room on hard drives and disks. 

There is nothing wrong with uploading files but security is weak, thus only types of files that are not security sensitive should be used. An option for increasing the security on these files is to use encoded script such as the banks and credit card companies use. Web developers excel at this type of site, because the average web rookie would not know how to right a form page for accessing databases and passing secure information.


These websites are the real test for web developers. The layout of each page must be catchy enough to keep people looking around the website. On top of this items frequently need replacing or updating. This could mean instructing the customer how to do it themselves, write a private page for the customer to submit to their own database or perhaps even the web developer to input the data themselves on a regular basis.

On top of all this, the website must have encrypted coding if the goods are for sale online and finally, the website must be constructed in a fashion that will achieve a high "search engine ranking". This mean that the algorithms used by lycos, google et cetera in their search programs must be adhered to, in order to achieve a ranking in the top 30. This is very tricky as the algorithms change regularly and often at random not to mention that every search engine uses their own programs for this.


these websites have a sole purpose. That is to offer online support to a target audience. This audience may be a private audience, hence passwords are required or a public access site. Public access sites require no passwords to retrieve data and closely resemble "hobby sites".

Web developers have an easy time with these sites as there is no need for flashy web pages. Each page is designed to get across the information contained to the target audience as swiftly and simply as possible. The pages are generally comfortable to view and easy to print.



This article was written by makrobicz, web developer for:

 A-K strategic business solutions - web design

The work of makrobicz can be seen at possibly his largest project to date where he and another developer, the lovely aninkita, used Microsoft FrontPage, allaire homesite 4.5 and macromedia flash 5 on a Microsoft NT server.

makrobicz can be reached direct via email at

Other excerpts from these articles can be viewed at

Web Developers lectures

As a web developer myself, I found Makrobicz to be something of a breath of fresh air. It was during a web development lecture of his that I had attended in Australia, that it was made clear to me a few things about web design. It did not matter how flashy a website the web developers had made, unless it appeared on the search engines, it may as well sit on a hard drive at home. I knew quite a lot about site submissions and the various software available for the task but here he made his mark with me forever. He had actually studied exactly what was required by the search engines for a listing and then concocted a formula to ensure that every page was search engine friendly. I have no idea how long this took him to work out, but I guess that is why he is a travelling lecturer in his fields. I haven't been to one of his electrical engineering lectures, far too techie for me. One of the most important things he did was explain that the entire site must be complete prior to submission to the search engines Because as all web developers know, the spiders may let an incomplete website slip through but the human editors demand quality websites.

 It is no accident that the websites Makrobicz works on are all in the top 1% of searches around the world and I live to see the day when I can rank alongside him.

T Perry (makrobicz fan) (edited text)


Web developers praise

I attended one of the makrobicz web developers lectures in Melbourne. The guy is so dynamic, he should lecture on  time management. Oh, by the way, it was me who sent over the PINT of Fosters. All the best with your web developers lectures

R McNamara (fan)