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mathematics for cynics - a light hearted look at a heavy footed topic


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Complex numbers 


Thank you for using my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.


This page is NOT public domain and is for client viewing only. As such. I advise that you right click the page and select print or add the page to favorites AND select 'make available offline'. This page contains information that you should keep for future reference.

Please read and make sure you fully understand all the following points.

If you had a ready built website and I optimised the pages for a high search ranking or your website was designed and developed by , read the following paragraph.

  1.1)The work that has been done 'behind the scenes' should be hardly noticeable. There are however a few things of note.
  • Extra pages may have been created that do not exactly reflect the look and feel of the original website. These pages are known as 'doorway' or 'gateway' pages, they are exactly that. Doorway pages are constructed in a form that the programmers of search engines consider 'Search Engine friendly'. I make no apologies for creating these extra pages and the way they appear because my aim is to see that, as a client, your company gets maximum exposure from searches conducted on various Search Engines and directories. In order to achieve this, it may have been necessary to reduce the graphic content and increase the text content.
  • URLs or page titles may have been adjusted for maximum effect. A search engine would see '..../page2.html 'as just another page. The same engine will interpret '.../millinery_hats_women.html' as a degree of relevance to the topic 'hats'
  • Spelling mistakes may be included. This is never done by accident. The reason for spelling mistakes is to pick up on the searches using common typing errors. The errors are constructed by speed typing and including the mistakes.
  • Extra links may have been added to your page. Extra links serve a plethora of purposes. firstly they will boost the ranking of your page. Secondly I have monitoring software that monitors the links in pages within search results, thereby I can find your page as it is climbing the Search Engine ladder. Thirdly the links point to relevant 'categories' of websites, which counts as a double hit to that page. Do not worry about this technique, I always avoid linking to direct opposition to your business unless prior consultation has been sought. The final main thing about links is that the next work I do within your category has links pointing to YOUR website.


  1.2) Behind the scenes;

There are several activities that occur out of plain sight.

  • <meta> tags within the header text. There are several invisible lines added at the top of the page. these are instructions for Search Engines and Human Editors of directories. They include Copyright, Title, Description and  Keywords et cetera.
  • E- mail account. I have opened a new free email account, probably at, on your behalf. When submitting to Search Engines and Directories, they require an active email address, many of those request a reply before listing. The email address is then subjected to Spam from the 'less than reputable' Engines. When I have finished submitting and resubmitting your website, I will hand the account over to you. You are then free to close the account, change the password or just carry on using it. For security reasons, I suggest selecting a new password with numbers and letters in it.
  • Submission. I will submit your website. to hundreds of SE's and directories around the world. After approximately 4 weeks I will check your ranking, assess the modifications required and adjust your pages accordingly if necessary. 
  • Each month I set aside 5-8 days to spend cracking Search Engine algorithms. This is not an exact science as the SE's spend a lot of money to try and foil the attempts of people like me. However, I have several hundred pages on the internet, each of these pages is constructed to precisely monitor the ever changing algorithms in order that I can offer you the best results available.
  • Getting Dropped. No one knows exactly why SE's do it, but it happens to everyone. You will almost certainly get dropped from a SE index from time to time. It is of utmost importance to resubmit your web site at the first opportunity, to that SE.


 If you have contracted me to manage your ranking please read the following paragraph.

  2.1) Clients that pay my monthly 200 fee for ranking management will get the added services as detailed below
  • Activities. The 200 fee is split into 3 main activities. Firstly I spend approximately 10 hours monitoring your website against your competition. I analyse your competitors pages and readjust your pages in order to get above them. Secondly I will construct extra 'doorway' pages as required for ultimate effect. Thirdly you are contributing to the research and development time spent actively cracking algorithms.
  • New SE's. As new Search Engines are created, your site will be added to them. If you hear of any that you aren't listed in, please email me the URL of the site and I will analyse the ranking system then create a doorway page or submit your web site as required.
  • Logs. It is often advisable to reverse engineer web pages to the unexpected searches that find your web site. For this exercise, I will require access to your website logs. These logs contain information that can tell me where visitors found your page and where each visitor is (demographically) located.
  • Spam email accounts (as detailed in 1.2) are kept active to trap spammers and will be closed when the spammer is identified. A new account will be opened immediately and you will be notified at the first opportunity. Please feel free to read the emails, although business related mail will be virus checked and forwarded by me, direct to your correct email address.


   2.2) Business Ethics and practises 
  • I do not promise to get you into the top 10. How would I serve my eleventh customer ? I do however have a proven track record that my work is consistently within the top 1%, indeed it frequently does get into the  top 10.
  • I do not employ cloaking or stealth techniques. These techniques may work in the short term, but they will eventually be caught with the possibility of a total ban on YOUR domain in that particular SE.
  • I will not participate in free for all schemes (FFA), multi level marketing schemes (MLM), pyramid selling, illegal or racially offensive web sites, web sites that provoke hatred or violence or 'get rich quick' schemes.


Thank you for reading this page. This is a private document and the information contained is intended solely for clients. I reserve the right to amend the document from time to time as required. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at I reply to all emails from clients both past and present.